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Facilitation Set Packs

Facilitation Set Packs

​Created to suit every facilitation requirement from the range of Neuland® components.

Based on our experience of customers' projects, applications and resources, we have devised a series of Set Packs, one of which is likely to be ideal for you.

Each contains everything you need, according to size of group, space available and your preferred style of working.

Extensions and top-up can be purchased online, as required.

If you require further details, please ring Carol on 01865 400777

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Facilitation Set Pack A, for Groups of 10 or more
Contents: 6 x Folding Standard Pinboards + 6 x Carrying Bags + 1 x Novario Case/Trolley + 100 sheets..
Facilitation Set Pack B, for Groups of 6 or more
Contents: 4 x Folding Standard Pinboards + 4 x Carrying Bags + 1 x Novario Case/Trolley + 100 sheets..
Facilitation Set Pack C, for Groups of 5 or fewer
Contents: 3 x Folding Standard Pinboards + 3 x Carrying Bags + 1 x Workshop/Shoulder Bag + 100 ..
Facilitation Set Pack D, for Training or Meeting Rooms
Contents: 18 x Non-Folding Standard NovoPinboards + 3 x Novario Case/Trolleys + 1 x PaperHorse + 3 x..
Graphic Set Pack G1, 2-panel
Basic Set Pack for Graphic Facilitation. Working area: 74.2cm wide and 119.5 cm high. Contents: Set ..
Graphic Set Pack G2, 4-panel
G2 Set Pack. For most Graphic visualisation and facilitation workshops. Contents: 4 x Panels, 2 x Pa..
Graphic Set Pack G3, 4-panel, Professional
G3 Set Pack: The choice of Graphic professionals. Contents: 4 Panels + 2 Tripods + 2 Panel Bags +1 T..