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Bikablo® Toolbox

Bikablo® Toolbox
Bikablo® Toolbox
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“What materials do I need to be a visual facilitator?” This is a common question asked routinely from excited people ready to begin, but don’t know where to start. The answer can now be found in new bikablo® Toolbox, with Neuland products selected by the bikablo® akademie! The premium professional tools come encased in a sturdy cardboard box filled with: 3 Outliner markers, 1 Outliner RefillOne, and 11 specially selected BigOne marker colors ideal for accenting and shading. It also includes pastel chalks for creating attractive surface colors and 100 white rectangular Stick-It Cards. The case is wrapped up with a large elastic strap with 6 loops for holding extra NoOne and BigOne markers whilst keeping your case securely closed. The highlight component in the bikablo® ToolBox is the “12 bikablo® FlipChart Tips” booklet, which explains how to use and optimize all of your tools on a flipchart, along with handwriting suggestions, color combinations, basic pictograms, and text containers.


Box from fibre cardboard, black/orange, Size: B 38 x T 28 x H 5.5 cm / W 14.5 x D 11 x H 2 inches
Elastic strap with 6 loops,
1 booklet,
100 white rectangular stick-it cards,
8-color Jaxell PastelChalks,
1 Refill Ink RefillOne, Outliner
2 Outliner, wedge nib, 2-6 mm
1 Outliner, wedge nib, 6-12 mm
11 Neuland BigOne®, wedge nib, 6-12 mm
(1 each: 101 grey, 302 light blue, 303 pastel blue, 401 light green, 500 brilliant yellow, 501 yellow, 502 pastel yellow, 600 orange, 601 red orange, 602 salmon, 702 pastel violet)

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