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Workshop Accessories

Workshop Accessories

Present your Pinboards creatively, for impact and memorability

A variety of useful accessories, designed to support Pinpointers and enhance other Neuland® products.

Each has been devised for facitators to highlight issues, focus on priorities and gain constructive feedback.

From specialised papers to non-toxic glue and unique stickers; these high-quality products will help you facilitate successful meetings and, in the process, enhance your professional image and authority.

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Clouds, micro, self-adhesive
Micro-Clouds, Self-adhesive Specifications:W: 10cm H: 6cm ..
Corner clouds
Specially-shaped to fit top corners of Pinboard paper. W: 49cm x H: 22cm. 50 per set. ..
Cloud cards, Giant
Giant Cloud cards are ideal for visualising headlines, topics, or comments, especially for larger gr..
Cloud cards, Medium
Cloud cards are ideal for visualising headlines, topics, or comments. 25 per set. Specification..
Cloud cards, Mini
Mini Cloud cards are ideal for visualising topics, or comments. 50 per set. Specifications:White wit..
Speech Bubbles
Pinning these next to Mod People cards or comments, topics, etc., helps visualise comments or commun..
Point-it Arrows
Adhesive arrows help you get the point across and directing the flow of an idea or issue. 8.4cm long..
Facilitation paper, A4 Notepad
Pad containing 50 sheets of A4 original Pinpoint paper. 2-hole punched, for easy filing : 90 gsm. ..
Rating Dots, in boxed rolls or assorted sheets
Adhesive stickers (20 mm diameter) for prioritising, rating, voting or highlighting categories, allo..
Spray Mount
Much easier to use than pins. However, use spray with due care in well-ventilated area, when the pap..
Glue Stick, permanent
To stick paper, cards, etc. to Pinboards or flipcharts. Permanent hold. Non-toxic, odourless. Long s..
Glue Stick, repositionable
To stick paper, cards, etc. to Pinboards or flipcharts. Repositionable. Non-toxic, odourless. Long s..
Adhesive Crepe Tape
High-quality crêpe adhesive tape. Roll 50m long. ..
Mod People, pin-it, assorted: 20cm tall
20cm tall, Mod People help groups to visualise relationships. Perfect for symbolising the key member..
Koosh balls
Koosh Balls break the ice, lighten the atmosphere or unfreeze the group, to focus back on your sessi..