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Workshop Accessories

Workshop Accessories

Present your Pinboards creatively, for impact and memorability

A variety of useful accessories, designed to support Pinpointers and enhance other Neuland® products.

Each has been devised for facitators to highlight issues, focus on priorities and gain constructive feedback.

From specialised papers to non-toxic glue and unique stickers; these high-quality products will help you facilitate successful meetings and, in the process, enhance your professional image and authority.

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Pins, large head
15mm long, these are longer than map pins and specifically designed for the job. Durable, hardened s..
Pin Box
Pin Box with a magnetised lid and base, to pick up and hold pins. ..
Pin Cushion
Pin Cushion has a built-in clip at the back. Great little tool for storing pins and clipping to your..
Rating Stickers, set of 5 assorted
Stickers, in 5 different designs, to indicate opinions, identify reactions and provide feedback. All..
World Café Etiquette Cards
Place one of these table cards on each table to explain the roles of the participants and the hosts...
Clips simply to edge of pinboard. Handy way to hold pens, markers, etc., near where you use them. ..
150 People Stick-It Cards, assorted
Self-adhesive - recycled paper 130 g/m² with adhesive strips,  pads with 25 sheets each - ..
Mod People Cards, stick-it, assorted: 20cm tall
20cm tall, Mod People help groups to visualise relationships. Perfect for symbolising the key member..