The questions we receive most often include:-

What is Pinpoint Facilitation?
Pinpoint Facilitation is a different way of thinking about the way people work together, enabled by easy-to-use Specialist Facilitation equipment and Professional Facilitation process that bring out the best in every Group, every time. Helping you improve peoples' self-development and contribution.

Every facilitation situation is different and sessions usually require a different approach to achieve maximum effectiveness. Pinpoint Facilitation is a uniquely effective, flexible combination of:-

Focussed Facilitation Process that encourages and empowers everybody in a Group to contribute, create and commit to agreed action
Specialist Facilitation Equipment, a versatile range of quality Pinboards and Pinpoint accessories to suit your size of group, location and facilities
Professional Facilitation Technique that you can learn at Open Workshops or via customised on-site training
Total Technical Support, from our team of Facilitation professionals with the experience and skills to help you design, promote and run effective facilitation sessions, wherever and whenever you need to make a difference . . . .
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How is Pinpoint Facilitation better?
Effective facilitation depends on understanding the issues you need to resolve, the aptitude, attitude and productivity of the Group involved in resolving it and having the right equipment, facilities and facilitator to achieve the objective(s).

See why our users find Pinpoint more successful
Pinpoint Facilitation is all you need, to make the difference - right across the board. Every group. Every project. Every time. Everywhere.
Pinpoint Facilitation helps you and your Group understand the real issues, more accurately, faster and with less "political" intervention. Too often, issues are prescribed by people who see problems through their own eyes, situation and priorities. So, whether they get the Group to "brainstorm" or run the session more traditionally (e.g. with flipcharts or OHP), the solutions they generate are often conditioned by the initial diagnosis, organisational relationships or peer pressure.

Pinpoint Facilitation is different, because it involves everybody, from start to finish, regardless of status or specialism, resulting in:-

Helping you to develop aptitude, attitude and productivity.

Pinpoint Facilitation breaks down barriers to communication within minutes of starting every session - and keeping them down throughout even the most demanding situation. Because everyone writes their ideas and opinions on cards, they get listened to - which motivates them to express themselves freely. Skills and expertise are quickly revealed, irrespective of formal job function. Synergy between Group members is generated and nurtured incessantly. Conflict is resolved, smoothly and quickly, without damaging friction.

So, when you Pinpoint a session, you will stimulate high levels of productivity, draw out hidden talents and achieve rewarding outcomes.
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Why do I need to go on a course to learn to pin up cards?
You need not, but the Technique Skills Development Workshops will give you the opportunity to discover new processes & techniques that will add signfiicantly to your current toolkit.

Pinpoint Facilitation is not difficult - it is different. So, we suggest there are some facilitation techniques that need to be challenged. Before you risk new processes live, look at a wide range of proven options and decide which will work best for you.
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I already facilitate with post-its. Why change?
Pinpoint Facilitation is more than just putting up "post-its". It is an integrated learning process as well. The size and variety of cards encourages creativity, visualisation and participation - as well as an image of professionalism. Evaluate the difference for yourself. Join the next Workshop.
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Do I really need Pinpoint Facilitation equipment?
You can cobble together substitute materials, but purpose-built materials do the job better - and raise the perceived value of the event or organisation. Let us know what event you plan to facilitate and we'll show you how cost-effective it will be to use the correct balance of Pinpoint Facilitation® equipment.
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Why are Pinboards better than ordinary flipcharts?
Flipcharts and OHPs have their place. However, Pinpoint Facilitation adds significantly to participation and ownership, because the Group does the work, not the facilitator. Pinboards and Pinpoint Facilitation equipment are the most suitable method of matching personal learning and working skills.

However, we do offer Flipcharts with a difference. Ergonomically better and in various designs, to suit your preferred way of working.
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How portable is Pinpoint Facilitation equipment?
Easily portable, wherever and whenever you need it! Folding Mini Pinboards will fit into any car. Folding Standard Pinboards will fit into most vehicles. All other equipment (e.g. cases and components) are compact, for journeys by car, train or plane.

We also offer a full Hire service, if transport or access are issues for you.
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What Group sizes can I facilitate with Pinpoint?
3 - 1000! If you're planning a large-scale event, we'll be pleased to support you.
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How do I select the right equipment for my needs?
For each facilitating session, you need to achieve the right balance of equipment, facilities - and facilitator:-

The role of the Facilitator is to:-

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Who can help me design a Workshop?
Pinpoint Facilitation Support Team operates worldwide, coordinated from our Facilitation Centre at Didcot, Oxfordshire, UK. Call             +44(0)1235 512400, let us know where you are, what you need to achieve and when you need support and Keith or one of our Regional Managers will confirm how we could help you design, promote and run your Workshop(s).
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How can I involve some of my colleagues?
Either at our Workshops at the Pinpoint Facilitation Centre, or on-site at your premises, you can involve as many of your colleagues as you wish. Whether you prefer to run a Pinpoint Facilitation session on your own, or with professional guidance, simply let us know your requirements and we'll help you organise your Group event.
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Hiring : When I've got a special event to run, can I hire extra equipment, training and support?
Pinpoint Facilitation Hire is an increasingly popular way for facilitators to extend the effectiveness of the Pinpoint Facilitation Process and our new Graphic Facilitation Process for large Groups (up to 1000!), Conferences, Awaydays and Teambuilding. Tell us what you need to achieve, how many people will be involved and timescale and we'll demonstrate how cost-effective it can be to Hire Facilitation Equipment and Support.

Where it would help, a professional Pinpoint Facilitator can also advise and, if you would like, support you before and during your key event.

Visit Hire Pinpoint Facilitation Equipment and Support or ring 01235 512400 or e-mail us
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How soon can I get delivery?
Standard delivery is overnight to UK mainland locations at competitive rates, providing we have your order before 1200 the previous working day. We use trusted national couriers and a local courier for the M4 corridor and central London. Where your need is even more urgent or further afield, we can make special arrangements, though this might incur a surcharge. Ring 01235 512400 or e-mail us (hire@pinpoint-facilitation.com) for a quotation.

Note : Delivery is FREE on orders over £500 to UK mainland.
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How can I get Technical Support on-site?
Keith, Bruce or one of our Support team will be delighted to support you with the design, promotion or running of your Pinpointing sessions. Give us a ring at 01235 512400, to brief us on your requirements and objectives.
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Is on-line ordering secure?
All online orders are processed using a highly secure System. Your Order details are encrypted when the order is transmitted and decoded. They then send us your details securely and we process payment of your order when we have checked it carefully.
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Is your question not covered here?
Please ring 01235 512400 or e-mail us and we shall be pleased to help in any way we can.

Carol Orr | Pinpoint Facilitation Support Manager