Graphic System

Neuland's NEW Graphic Wall System

For better meetings, the board to record and the space to create!

Enables the group to capture their work in words and pictures as a large visual display, stimulating their creativity, productivity and understanding. The record then provides a group memory which is easy to understand and share with others. Ideal for narratives, strategies, flow charts, etc.

Whatever you want to convey, graphically . . . .
This, the ultimate design, allows you to build a working wall as long as you like. Allow 1 tripod for every 2 elements for easy set-up, rigidity and stability.
The working area is slightly angled for easier writing and drawing. The paper can be presented from the left or the right and rolled onto a winder at the opposite end. The whole set can go on wheels, for mobility in the meeting room.

  • Two panels on one tripod give you a landscape Pinboard, on to which beige or white Pinpoint paper can be placed
  • An optional and easily fixed/removed flip chart bar, reduces the need for a separate flip chart stand in the room
  • Makes an effective wall for process mapping, time lining, Gant charting, recording, strategy mapping and any other presentation or recording of a dynamic process
  • Ideal for use in those Hotels that don't allow anything to go on their walls!

Look at the customised range of specifically-designed equipment that will facilitate using graphic visualisation, effectively and impressively.

Bruce Rowling gives a highly entertaining day and everybody attending these 1-day courses will leave with a personal directory of images they can use, but more importantly the confidence to make images work for their groups.

For details, please ring 01235 512400

Graphic Accessories

Here's a host of high quality graphic accessories, which will appeal to both professional graphic artists and those starting to add dimension and impact to their facilitation.

From paper, pens and markers to advanced standards of pens, crayons and pastels, you'll find everything youneed to achieve even higher standards of communication.